husetAfter a long time in our heads and dreams only our house finally landed on a grassy hill in the village Morke just north of Aarhus (Denmarks second-largest town).

The house consists of five hexagonal rooms arranged in a horse-shoe pattern around a glass-covered wintergarten. Each room has got its own pyramid-shaped roof.

Light was our prime consideration, and all through the house a glass-band allows light to flood the house.

We designed the house ourselves and made all the drawings. For two years we lived in a trailor on the hill, all four of us building together with professional craftsmen.

Working day and night we finished in time for christmas 1991 and had all the family celebrating with us. But the largest celebation was for the village. After two years of friendly curiosity we invited everyone to come and have look inside. 600 came and made the day very special for us.